Make every payout

a step forward. is the financial assistant for a new generation of independent workers. It helps you set goals, make plans, and take action.

So dream big and plan accordingly.

Your goals deserve a good plan.

Maybe it’s a big purchase, starting a business, or paying off debt. Whatever you’re saving for, gives you a clear, personalized path forward. identifies different sources of income as money comes into your account and lets you choose what to do with it.

Save 40% of my freelance and Etsy earnings for income taxes.

Cora McKinnon

Recording artist, Etsy shop owner, user

Decide which income goes where

Save a percentage to give yourself some flexibility. You can also choose a fixed amount, whether it runs every time you’re paid or only when you can. It’s up to you.

Save 7% of my earnings for Australia! up to $2,000.

Mel Bristol

Entrepreneur, Airbnb host, user

Savings adjust to your earnings

Always stay within your budget

Give yourself some financial breathing room by setting a minimum balance for your automated plans. That way, even if your income fluctuates, you’re fine.

Ellie Phaedra

Project manager, Volunteer, user

Donate $10 monthly to Detroit Water Brigade as long as there is $1,500 in my checking account.

Go with full automation for the essentials and approve each transaction for things that aren’t vital. You’ll reach goals while staying focused on what’s truly important.

Alejandro Montiel

Founder, Uber driver, user

Autopilot, with some control

Save 3% of my earnings for my startup. I want to approve each transaction.

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